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Implementation Outline of Citizen Moral Construction

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I. The importance of citizen moral construction

1. Socialist moral construction is an important part of developing advanced culture. In the new century, building a well-off society in an all-round way, accelerating the pace of reform, opening up, and modernization, and successfully realizing the third step of the strategic goal. While strengthening the socialist legal system and governing the country according to law, we must actually strengthen socialist moral construction, govern the country with morality, Construction is closely integrated with moral construction, governing the country according to law, and governing the country with morality. Through the continuous deepening and expansion of citizen moral construction, a socialist moral system compatible with the development of a socialist market economy is gradually formed. This is a basic project to improve the quality of the entire nation. It has a very important role in promoting the national spirit and the spirit of the times, forming a good social morality, promoting the coordinated development of material civilization and spiritual civilization, and comprehensively promoting the great cause of building socialism with Chinese characteristics. Significance.

2. Since the Third Plenary Session of the Eleventh Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, especially since the 14th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, with the in-depth development of reform and opening up and the modernization drive, the construction of socialist spiritual civilization has shown a positive and healthy upward trend, and new steps have been taken in the construction of civic ethics. . Patriotism, collectivism, and socialist ideas are increasingly rooted in the hearts of the people, the spirit of serving the people continues to develop, advocating advanced, advanced learning is common practice, the pursuit of science, civilization, and healthy lifestyle has become the conscious action of the people, and social morality has undergone gratifying changes The integration of the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation with the new moral concepts that embody the requirements of the times has become the mainstream of the development of the moral construction of our citizens.

However, there are still many problems in the moral construction of our citizens. Some areas of society and some localities are out of moral norms. The boundaries between right and wrong, good and evil, and beauty and ugliness are confused. Money worship, hedonism, and extreme individualism have grown. Forgetfulness, harm to public and private behaviors occur from time to time. It has become a public nuisance, serious abuse of power and corruption. If these problems are not resolved in a timely and effective manner, it will inevitably damage the normal economic and social order and the overall situation of reform, development, and stability, which should cause the entire party and society to attach great importance to it.

3. Strengthening citizen moral construction is a long-term and urgent task. Facing the trend of diversification of socio-economic components, organizational forms, employment methods, interest relations and distribution methods, in the face of building a well-off society in an all-round way, the spiritual and cultural needs of the people are constantly increasing, and various ideological and cultural turbulences worldwide, There are many new situations, new problems, and new contradictions in moral construction that need to be studied and resolved. We must adapt to the requirements of the development of the situation, seize favorable opportunities, consolidate existing results, strengthen weak links, actively explore the characteristics and laws of moral construction in the new situation, and strive to improve and innovate in terms of content, form, method, means, mechanism, etc. Raise citizen moral construction to a new level.

Guiding Principles and Principles of Citizen Moral Construction

4. 三个代表 重要思想,坚持党的基本路线、基本纲领,重在建设、以人为本,在全民族牢固树立建设有中国特色社会主义的共同理想和正确的世界观、人生观、价值观,在全社会大力倡导 爱国守法、明礼诚信、团结友善、勤俭自强、敬业奉献 的基本道德规范,努力提高公民道德素质,促进人的全面发展,培养一代又一代有理想、有道德、有文化、有纪律的社会主义公民。 According to the party's historical mission in the primary stage of socialism, the guiding ideology of our country's citizen moral construction at present and in the future is to implement the important thought of Comrade Jiang Zemin's " Three Represents " under the guidance of Marxism-Leninism, Mao Zedong Thought, and Deng Xiaoping Theory. , Adhere to the party's basic line and basic program, focus on construction and people-oriented, and firmly establish the common ideal of building socialism with Chinese characteristics and the correct world outlook, outlook on life, and values across the entire nation . Ethics, integrity, friendliness, diligence, self-reliance, dedication and dedication , strive to improve the moral quality of citizens, promote the all-round development of people, and train generations of idealistic, ethical, cultural, and disciplined socialist citizens.

5. Insist that socialist moral construction is compatible with the socialist market economy. It is necessary to give full play to the positive role of the socialist market economic mechanism, and constantly enhance people's sense of independence, competition, efficiency, democracy and the rule of law, and the spirit of pioneering and innovative. Correctly apply the principle of material interests, oppose the wrong tendency of only talking about money and not morality, and establish in practice the moral concepts and norms that are compatible with the socialist market economy, and provide a strong spiritual motivation and ideological guarantee for reform, opening up, and modernization. .

6. Combining the inheritance of fine traditions with the spirit of the times. We must inherit the traditional virtues formed in the Chinese nation for thousands of years, carry forward the fine traditional ethics formed by our party's leading people in long-term revolutionary struggles and construction practices, and actively learn from the successful experiences and advanced civilization achievements of moral construction in all countries in the world, and vigorously propagate them throughout society. And carry forward the spirit of the era of emancipating the mind, seeking truth from facts, advancing with the times, courageous to innovate, advancing with difficulties, going forward, working hard, seeking practical results, indifferent to fame and gain, and selfless dedication, so that the construction of citizen morality reflects both the fine traditions and the characteristics of the times , Always full of vitality and vitality.

7. Persisting in respecting the legitimate rights and interests of individuals is consistent with social responsibility. It is necessary to guarantee citizens' democratic rights in all aspects of politics, economy, culture, social life, etc., and to encourage people to obtain legitimate material benefits through honest labor and legal business. Guide every citizen to consciously fulfill the obligations stipulated in the Constitution and the law, and actively assume their social responsibilities. Combining rights and obligations, and establishing a socialist view of justice and interests that puts the interests of the country and people first and fully respects the legitimate interests of citizens.

8. Insist on focusing on efficiency and maintaining social equity. It is necessary to take the unity of efficiency and fairness as an important goal of socialist moral construction, and form a value concept that emphasizes efficiency and maintains fairness in the entire society. Combining efficiency and fairness will enable every citizen to have equal opportunities to participate and fully realize their potential, promote economic development, and maintain social stability.

9. Persist in combining advanced requirements with extensive requirements. We must proceed from reality, distinguish between levels, focus on the majority, and encourage advanced and gradual progress. Actively encourage all ideology and morals that are conducive to national unity, national unity, economic development, and social progress, and vigorously advocate that Communist Party members and cadres at all levels take the lead in practicing socialist and communist ethics, and guide people to continuously pursue the basic moral standards Higher-level moral goals.

10. Adhere to the combination of moral education and social management. It is necessary to conduct extensive moral education, popularize moral knowledge and moral standards, and help people strengthen their moral cultivation. Establish and improve relevant laws, regulations and systems, and integrate citizen moral construction into scientific and effective social management. Gradually improve the operating mechanisms of mutual complementation and promotion of moral education and social management, self-discipline and other disciplines, and comprehensively use education, law, administration, public opinion and other means to more effectively guide people's thinking and regulate people's behavior.

The main content of citizen moral construction

11. Starting from China ’s historical and realistic national conditions, socialist moral construction must adhere to serving the people as the core, collectivism as the principle, the love of the motherland, the people, labor, science, and socialism as basic requirements, and social morality. , Professional ethics, and family virtues. In the construction of citizen morality, these main contents should be specified and standardized, so that it becomes a code of conduct that is universally recognized and consciously observed by all citizens.

12. Serving the people, as the core of civic moral construction, is a marked sign that socialist morals are different and superior to other social forms. It is a requirement not only for Communist Party members and leading cadres, but also for the broad masses. Every citizen, regardless of social division of labor and ability, can serve his people in his own post through different forms. In the new situation, it is necessary to continue to advocate the moral concept of serving the people with great fanfare, and to penetrate the thought of serving the people into various specific moral standards. It is necessary to guide people to correctly handle the relationship between individual and society, competition and collaboration, first wealth and common prosperity, economic benefits and social benefits, advocate respect for people, understand people, care for people, carry forward the socialist humanitarian spirit, and do more for the people and society , Oppose money worship, hedonism and extreme individualism, and form a good moral fashion that reflects the superiority of the socialist system and promotes the healthy and orderly development of the socialist market economy.

13. Collectivism, as a principle of citizen moral construction, is an inevitable requirement of socialist economic, political and cultural construction. In a socialist society, the people are the masters of the country, and national interests, collective interests, and personal interests are fundamentally consistent, making collectivism an important principle for regulating the interests of the three. The spirit of collectivism must be infiltrated into all levels of social production and life, guide people to correctly understand and handle the interests of the state, collectives, and individuals, and advocate that individual interests are subordinate to collective interests, local interests are subordinate to overall interests, and current interests are subordinate to long-term interests. Groupism, standardism, and harming the public and the private, as well as self-interest, integrate personal ideals and struggles into the common ideals and struggles of the people.

14. Love the motherland, the people, labor, science, and socialism are the basic requirements for the moral construction of citizens, and they are the legal obligations and moral responsibilities that every citizen should bear. These basic requirements must be integrated with specific ethics norms and run through the entire process of citizen moral construction. It is necessary to guide people to carry forward the spirit of patriotism, improve national self-esteem, self-confidence, and pride, and take the love of the motherland and serve the people as the greatest honor, and damage the motherland ’s interests and national dignity as the greatest shame. Scientific methods, hard work, hard work, opposition to feudal superstition, good and evil, and actively devote themselves to the great cause of building socialism with Chinese characteristics.

15. Social morality is a code of conduct that all citizens should follow in social interaction and public life, covering the relationship between people, people and society, and people and nature. In modern society, the field of public life is constantly expanding, and people are interacting more and more frequently. Social public morality has played a more prominent role in maintaining public interests, public order, and maintaining social stability, and has become an important manifestation of the individual's personal moral cultivation and social civilization. We must vigorously advocate social morality with the main contents of civilization and politeness, helping others, protecting public property, protecting the environment, and observing laws and disciplines, and encourage people to be good citizens in society.

16. Professional ethics is a code of conduct that all practitioners should follow in their professional activities, covering the relationship between practitioners and service objects, occupations and employees, and occupations and occupations. With the development of the division of labor and the enhancement of the degree of specialization in modern society, market competition is becoming increasingly fierce, and the society as a whole has higher and higher requirements for employees' professional concepts, professional attitudes, professional skills, professional discipline and professional style. It is necessary to vigorously advocate professional ethics with the main contents of love for work, honesty and trustworthiness, fair work, service to the masses, and dedication to society, and encourage people to be good builders in their work.

17. Family virtue is a code of conduct that every citizen should follow in family life, covering the relationship between husband and wife, young and old, and neighbors. Family life and social life are closely related. Correctly treating and handling family problems, and jointly fostering and developing husband and wife love, family relationship, and neighborhood friendship, are not only related to the happiness of each family, but also to the stability and harmony of society. We must vigorously advocate the family virtues of respecting the elderly and loving the young, equality between men and women, harmony between husband and wife, diligent family, and solidarity with neighbors, and encourage people to be good members of the family.

Fourth, vigorously strengthen the moral education of grassroots citizens

18. To improve the moral quality of citizens, education is the foundation. It is necessary to firmly grasp the important links that affect the formation and development of people's moral concepts, and through the family, schools, institutions, enterprises and institutions, and all aspects of society, unswervingly carry out moral education among all citizens, and take the idea of building socialism with Chinese characteristics Concepts and moral requirements are constantly infused into the minds of all party members, cadres and the masses, so that people understand what is right, what is wrong, what can be done, what should not be done, and what must be promoted. What is firmly opposed.

19. The family is the earliest place for people to receive moral education. Noble character must be cultivated from a young age, starting with a baby. When the child understands things, he must carry out moral enlightenment education in a simple way. In the process of the child's growth, he must follow good and tempting, use things to make sense, and guide them to distinguish right from wrong and distinguish good from evil. In family life, through the good words and deeds of each member, influence each other and work together to improve and form a good family style.

20. Schools are important positions for systematic moral education. Schools at all levels and at all levels must conscientiously implement the Party's education policy, comprehensively promote quality education, and closely integrate teaching and education. It is necessary to scientifically plan the specific content of moral education for students of different ages and at various stages of study, adhere to the daily behavior norms of students, and strengthen the construction of school discipline and ethics. It is necessary to give full play to the role of teachers as teachers and to infiltrate moral education into all aspects of school education. Students should be organized to participate in appropriate productive labor and social practice activities to help them understand society, understand the national conditions, and enhance their sense of social responsibility.

21. Institutions, enterprises and institutions are important places for moral education of citizens. All kinds of organs, enterprises and institutions should proceed from their own realities and focus on moral education in a planned and focused manner. Ethics, especially professional ethics, should be taken as an important part of pre-post and post training, to help practitioners become familiar with and understand the ethical norms related to their work, and cultivate professionalism. We must regard compliance with professional ethics as an important indicator of assessment, reward and punishment, and encourage employees to develop good professional habits and establish a new industry trend.

22. Society is a large classroom for civic moral education. Party and government departments, all aspects of society, and urban communities and rural grass-roots organizations have an unshirkable responsibility in civic moral education. It is necessary to combine various work functions and use various forms and methods to vigorously publicize basic moral knowledge, moral norms and necessary etiquette, so that it is well known to everyone. We must actively develop excellent national moral education resources, make use of various patriotic education bases, and carry out historical and revolutionary traditional education. It is necessary to continuously enrich the content of moral education with the characteristics of the times and promote various educational methods that are easy for the masses to accept. Various types of civic schools, worker schools, migrant worker schools, peasant night schools, home economics schools, etc. must provide citizens with moral education by compiling and using simple and easy to understand textbooks.

23. Families, schools, institutions, enterprises and institutions, and society each have their own emphasis and characteristics in terms of civic moral education. They are interconnected and inseparable. Family education, school education, unit education and social education must be closely integrated, coordinated and promoted. It is necessary to highlight the strengthening of social education, consolidate the results of family education, school education, and unit education, and promote the deepening of civic moral education.

Fifth, carry out mass civic moral practice activities

24. The process of citizen moral construction is a process that combines education and practice. Taking activities as a carrier and attracting the general participation of the masses is an important way to strengthen citizen moral construction in the new situation. Every citizen is not only a participant in the process of moral construction, but also a beneficiary of the results of moral construction. It is necessary to insist on highlighting the ideological connotation in various types of mass spiritual civilization creation activities, strengthen the moral requirements, and enable people to get ideological and emotional gain in conscious participation. Through cultivation, the spiritual life is enriched and the moral realm is sublimated.

25. 讲文明树新风 为主题的创建文明城市、文明村镇、文明行业活动,各级党政机关开展的创先争优、依法行政、公正执法、做人民满意公务员活动,以及社会各界组织的 希望工程 送温暖 志愿者 手拉手 幸福工程 春蕾计划 扶残助残 等公益活动,覆盖面广、参与人数多,对公民道德建设有着深刻的影响。 With the theme of " Speaking of Civilization and Creating New Winds " , the activities of creating civilized cities, civilized villages and towns, and civilized industries; Public welfare activities such as " Hope Project " , " Send Warmth " , " Volunteer " , " Hand in Hand " , " Happiness Project " , " Spring Bud Plan " , " Support for the Disabled ", etc. Construction has a profound impact. It is necessary to fully reflect the content of social morality, professional ethics, and family virtues in various creation activities, clarify specific standards, formulate implementation measures, and strive to achieve practical results.

26. Since the founding of the People's Republic of China, especially the advanced collectives and figures who have emerged during the reform and opening up and the socialist modernization drive, they are examples of the practice of socialist morality. It is necessary to extensively carry out activities to learn from advanced models, be good at discovering and using advanced models, and set up ethical models that are amiable, respectable, credible, and learnable, so that the general public can learn from examples, catch up with goals, and see what they think. The moving deeds and excellent qualities of the advanced model are encouraged and draw strength, so that the noble sentiment of the advanced model becomes the common wealth of society.

27. Various important festivals and anniversaries contain valuable moral education resources. 五四 七一 八一 十一 等革命节日, 三八 五一 六一 等国际性节日,以及民间传统节日和重大历史事件、历史人物纪念日等,举行形式多样的群众性庆祝、纪念活动,使人们在集体聚会、合家团圆的同时,增强对祖国、对家乡、对自然、对生活的热爱,陶冶道德情操。 It is necessary to make use of revolutionary festivals such as May 4th , July 1st , August 1st , and 11th , international festivals such as March 3rd , May 1st , and June 1st , as well as traditional folk festivals and major festivals. Various types of mass celebrations and commemorative activities are held at historical events and commemorative days for historical figures, which enable people to strengthen their love for the motherland, their hometown, nature, and life, and cultivate moral sentiments while they gather and reunite together.

28. Carrying out necessary etiquette, etiquette and politeness activities has an important role in regulating people's behavior. It is recommended to raise the national flag and sing the national anthem at important places and major events, and carry out activities such as joining teams, joining groups, sworn into the party, adult rituals and various forms of etiquette, politeness, farewell to uncivilized words and deeds, etc., to guide citizens to enhance etiquette, Awareness of etiquette and politeness, and constantly improve their own moral cultivation.

29. Various moral practice activities originate from the grassroots and take root in the masses, reflecting the people's longing for and pursuit of a better life, and have a strong vitality. We must take advantage of the situation, give play to the backbone of grass-roots organizations and mass organizations, the leading role of advanced models and advanced units, and the main role of the masses. We must adhere to starting from specific issues and starting from the issues that the masses are most concerned about. These business tasks are closely integrated, close to the grassroots, close to the masses, close to life, prevent and overcome formalism, and promote the steady development of citizen moral construction.

6. Actively create a social atmosphere conducive to the construction of civic morals

30. Mass media, literature and art, and sports activities have special penetration and influence on the construction of citizen morality. All ideological and cultural positions and all spiritual and cultural products must propagate scientific theories, spread advanced culture, shape a good soul, promote social integrity, advocate scientific spirit, vigorously publicize the moral behavior and noble qualities that embody the spirit of the times, and inspire people to be positive and pursue Truth, goodness and beauty; resolutely criticize all kinds of immoral behaviors and misconceptions, help people distinguish right from wrong, resist fake and evil, and create a good atmosphere of public opinion for the advancement of citizen moral construction.

31. Mass media such as radio, television, newspapers, and periodicals must adhere to solidarity, stability, and positive publicity, firmly grasp the correct direction of public opinion, and enthusiastically promote new things emerging from the construction of two civilizations that reflect the moral requirements of the new period. , New typical. It is necessary to make use of the famous brand columns popular with the masses to strengthen the guidance of moral hot issues that are of common concern to the society. We must actively carry out public opinion supervision and vigorously criticize wrong words and deeds and ugly phenomena that depart from socialist morality. It is necessary to mobilize the masses to participate in discussions on people and events with typical meanings. The computer Internet, as an open information dissemination and communication tool, is a new front for ideological and moral construction. It is necessary to increase the intensity of positive publicity and management on the Internet, encourage the release of progressive, healthy, and useful information, and prevent reactionary, superstitious, obscene, and vulgar content from spreading through the Internet. It is necessary to guide network institutions and the majority of netizens to enhance their awareness of network morality and jointly build a network civilization.

32. The creation of various literary and artistic works such as movies, TV dramas, operas, music, dance, fine arts, photography, novels, poetry, prose, and reportage should actively reflect the fiery life of reform and opening up and modernization, and enthusiastically sing the pioneering spirit of the people And good moral style, with its unique form and artistic charm, it gives people enjoyment of inspiration, inspiration and beauty. In various literary criticisms, reviews, and awards, whether or not they conform to socialist morality is an important criterion. It is necessary to strengthen the guidance of people's aesthetic concepts and promote elegant and healthy aesthetic taste. We must resolutely stop publishing, broadcasting, and performing low-profile works and programs, crack down on reactionary, obscene, and various illegal publications in accordance with the law, and let healthy cultural products occupy the ideological and cultural positions. It is necessary to effectively strengthen the supervision and management of entertainment service places and severely crack down on social ugly phenomena such as prostitution, gambling, and drug use. For all types of commercial advertisements, pay attention to cultural art works, and no ethical or harmful content can appear. We must vigorously promote various forms of social public welfare advertising to purify people's hearts and optimize the human environment. Various types of sports activities must be carefully organized, strengthened and guided to attract the participation of the masses, with a healthy, uplifting and united struggle atmosphere, to stimulate people's team spirit and patriotic enthusiasm.

Strive to provide legal support and policy guarantees for citizens' moral construction

33. Citizen moral construction is a complex social system project that depends on education as well as laws, policies, and regulations. It is necessary to comprehensively use various means to combine advocacy with opposition, guidance and restraint, through strict scientific management, cultivate civilized behavior, resist negative phenomena, and promote the formation, consolidation, and development of a social atmosphere that corrects evil and promotes goodness and punishes evil.

34. Strengthening the socialist legal system is an important guarantee for the healthy development of citizen moral construction. In accordance with the requirements of building a socialist country ruled by law, we must closely integrate moral construction with legal construction. While earnestly carrying out the publicity and education of the national legal system, we will increase law enforcement, severely crack down on various illegal and criminal activities that endanger the society, maintain normal economic order, public order, and life order, and provide strong legal support for citizens' moral construction.

35. Various economic and social policies have a direct impact on people's value orientation and moral behavior. When formulating policies, various regions and departments must not only focus on the needs of economic and social development, but also reflect the requirements of socialist spiritual civilization and the building of citizens' morality. It is necessary to protect and support all actions that obtain the interests of individuals and groups through legitimate and lawful means, but also to promote and reward more dedication and moral behaviors for others and society, to prevent and avoid social improprieties or errors caused by specific policies. To negative consequences and provide correct policy guidance for citizen moral construction.

36. The formation of good moral habits of citizens is a long-term, gradual process, which cannot be separated from strict rules and regulations. All regions, departments, industries and grass-roots units must fully reflect relevant ethical norms and specific requirements when establishing and perfecting rules and regulations. It is necessary to unify ideological guidance and interest adjustment, spiritual encouragement and material rewards, strengthen supervision and inspection, strictly evaluate rewards and punishments, ensure that various administrative regulations and ethical codes and conventions are implemented in practice, and provide effective institutional guarantees for citizens' moral construction.

Effectively Strengthening Leadership in Civic Moral Construction

37. 两手抓、两手都要硬 的方针,充分认识新形势下加强公民道德建设的重要性、艰巨性、长期性和紧迫性,把它作为一项十分重要的工作,放在突出位置,提供有利条件,下决心狠狠地抓,一天不放松地抓,从具体事情抓起。 All regions and departments must unswervingly adhere to the policy of " grasp with both hands and be firm with both hands " , fully understand the importance, arduousness, long-term and urgency of strengthening citizen moral construction in the new situation, and take it as a Very important work, put it in a prominent position, provide favorable conditions, determined to grasp it fiercely, do not relax one day, and start from specific things.

38. To strengthen the building of civic morals, the exemplary role of party members and leading cadres is very important. The majority of party members, especially leading cadres at all levels, should talk about learning, politics, and integrity, keep in mind the party's fundamental purpose, strive to transform the subjective world, strengthen moral cultivation, and respect, self-examination, self-monitoring, and self-motivation. It is necessary to strictly abide by the relevant regulations on the honesty and cleanliness of party members and leading cadres, to be honest and honest, and to work diligently for the people. They must do what they do first, and they must not do it themselves. We must educate our spouses and children, manage the staff around us, consciously accept the supervision of the party organization and the masses, win the trust of the people with a good moral image, and drive the masses to do a better job.

39. Promoting ethical construction of citizens requires the joint efforts of all sectors of society. Party and government departments at all levels of propaganda, education, culture, science and technology, organization of personnel, discipline inspection and supervision, mass organizations such as trade unions, Communist Youth League, Women's Federation, and all sectors of society should all perform their respective duties and cooperate with each other under the unified leadership of the party committee. Ethics construction and business work are closely integrated, incorporated into the target management responsibility system, formulated plans, improved measures, and solid progress. It is necessary to give full play to the role of democratic parties and the Federation of Industry and Commerce in the construction of civic morals.

40. The Civilization Committees and the Propaganda Departments of the Party Committees at all levels have specific responsibilities for guiding, coordinating, and organizing the construction of citizen morality. It is necessary to go deep into reality, investigate and research, understand new situations, analyze new problems, timely discover, summarize and popularize fresh experiences created by the masses, explore the law of moral construction, improve methods and methods, and guide the work on the surface. In a certain period of time, we must concentrate our efforts on a number of practical issues that have a large social impact, have a strong role in demonstration, and are popular with the masses, and promote the solution of some difficult issues.