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Wenzhou Civilization Convention

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)热爱祖国建设温州团结奋斗顾全大局; ( 1 ) Love the motherland and build Wenzhou, unite and strive for the overall situation;

)遵纪守法维护秩序见义勇为弘扬正气; ( 2 ) obeying the law and maintaining the order, seeing the righteousness to promote righteousness;

)保护环境绿化首府爱护公物美化市容; ( 3 ) Protecting the environment, greening the capital, taking care of public property and beautifying the city appearance;

)文明礼貌讲究卫生爱岗敬业优质服务; ( 4 ) Civilization and politeness pay attention to health, love and dedication, and high-quality services;

)关心集体热心公益助人为乐扶贫帮困; ( 5 ) Concerned about the collective enthusiasm for charity and helping others to help the poor and help the poor;

)崇尚科学尊师重教移风易俗敢于创新; ( 6 ) Advocating science, respecting teachers, emphasizing education, changing customs, and dare to innovate;

)自强自信民族团结拥军优属拥政爱民; ( 7 ) Self-confidence and self-confidence;

)诚实守信办事公道服务群众奉献社会; ( 8 ) Act honestly and trustworthily, serve the masses and contribute to society;

)尊老爱幼夫妻和睦勤俭持家邻里团结; ( 9 ) Respecting the old and the young and loving couples in harmony, diligence and frugality, and holding the neighborhood together;

) 强身健体优生优育繁荣文化健康生活。 ( 10 ) Prosperity, health, eugenics, prosperity, culture, and healthy living.