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Code of practice for practicing (assistant) physicians

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㈠ Rescue the wounded and perform his duties diligently. Conscientiously implement the party's health work line, guidelines, and policies, establish a socialist outlook on honor and disgrace, adhere to the purpose of serving the people wholeheartedly, be loyal to the health cause, be dedicated to the job, work hard, perform the duties of a physician seriously, and do all the work meticulously Do everything possible to relieve the pain of the patient.
㈡ Observe discipline and law, regulate behavior. Consciously abide by the "Medical Physician Law" and other medical and health management laws, regulations and rules, strictly implement various medical systems and technical operating procedures, regulate inspections, regulate medication, treat diseases due to illness, be extremely responsible, improve medical quality, and prevent medical accidents.
㈢Care for the patient and serve with civilization. Taking the patient as the center, always thinking about the patient, caring and caring for the patient, friendly attitude, meticulous work, and decent manners. Respect the patient's personality and rights, treat each other as equals, treat patients with confidentiality, and be sincere and credible.
㈣Drill on technology and be proficient in business. Rigorous academics, down-to-earth work style, diligent study, courageous, knowledgeable, comprehensive knowledge, excellence in technology, master basic theories, basic knowledge and basic skills, track advanced medical technology, understand medical developments, and strive to improve the knowledge structure Continuously improve technical level.
㈤ Mutual respect and mutual assistance, unity and cooperation. Know the general situation, take the overall situation into consideration, correctly handle the relationship between colleagues and colleagues, respect colleagues, be humble and prudent, learn from each other, and make progress together. Unite comrades, help each other, cooperate closely, work together, maintain collective honor, and shape the image of the industry.
㈥ Strictly abide by morals and be honest. Abide by the rules of medical ethics and the practice of integrity, do not work for personal gain, do not accept meals and gifts from patients, and do not accept drugs, medical equipment, medical consumables and other production, management companies or distributors in various names Or commission.