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Why your baby needs cod liver oil 15 days after birth

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,可以促进钙磷吸收,保护视力,预防宝宝佝偻病等,对宝宝的生长发育有重要作用。 Cod liver oil is a natural oil extracted from the liver of fish. It contains natural vitamin AD , which can promote the absorption of calcium and phosphorus, protect eyesight, and prevent baby rickets. It has an important effect on the baby's growth and development.

三大功效成份 First, the three major ingredients of vitamin AD

1. Promote calcium absorption, protect bone and tooth development, and prevent rickets;

2. Improve vision development, improve dark perception and change adaptability, prevent night blindness and dry eye;

3. Promote intellectual development and provide nutritional support for the nervous system.

天后补充鱼肝油、 AD的重要性? Second, the importance of cod liver oil, AD 15 days after birth ?

,钙离子便无法通过完好无损、固若金汤的细胞膜,钙的吸收率也因此而大受影响,所以服用钙剂时必须吃鱼肝油; 1. If vitamin D is lacking, calcium ions cannot pass through the intact and solid cell membrane of calcium soup, and the absorption rate of calcium is greatly affected. Therefore, cod liver oil must be taken when taking calcium;

天后,从母体带来的储备维D消耗减少; 2. After the baby is born 15 days, the consumption of reserve dimension D brought by the mother is reduced;

3. The baby cannot synthesize by itself and depends on in vitro intake;

含量较低,无法满足; 4. The content of vitamin D in breast milk and milk powder is low and cannot be satisfied;

5. Under the full moon, the baby cannot go out of the house and cannot sun;

6. Older children are exposed to the sun, but it is not possible to determine how many squares of the skin are exposed to the sun.

不仅促进钙吸收,防止佝偻病,更能促进视力发育,防止夜盲症等,含不饱和脂肪酸为大脑发育提供必要营养。 7. Cod liver oil and AD not only promote calcium absorption, prevent rickets, but also promote vision development and prevent night blindness. It contains unsaturated fatty acids to provide necessary nutrients for brain development.