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Some taboos for babies

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Although breast milk is the best dairy product for babies, for Bao Ma who has no or little milk, it can only be fed with powdered milk, but Bao Ma does not have to worry about the nutritional ingredients contained in infant milk powder for baby's development. That is enough. However, it should be noted that only when the milk powder is brewed in the correct way can the nutrients in the milk powder not be destroyed, and the baby can help to absorb the nutrients.

1.Brew milk powder with water that is too hot or too cold

How much temperature is used to brew the milk powder is very important for the dissolution of the milk powder and whether the structure of the nutritional components has changed. ℃,当然不同的奶粉对水温的要求也不同,所以先要看好。 It is recommended to look at the instructions when brewing milk powder for babies. If there is a requirement for water temperature, it is best to control the water temperature of the milk powder at 40-60 ℃. Of course, different milk powders have different requirements for water temperature, so they should be optimistic. So why is water temperature so important for brewing milk powder? Because the water temperature is too low, the milk powder cannot be dissolved well, and it may also cause the baby's abdominal pain, diarrhea or colds; but if the water temperature is too high, the nutritional elements in the milk powder will be destroyed and the nutritional value will be lost. The correct method should be: Dry the boiling water to a suitable temperature before brewing.

2. Put milk powder first and then water

It's very right that Bao Bao and Bao Ma are used to put milk powder into the bottle before putting water, because many people usually put milk tea first and then put water when drinking milk tea and other brewing beverages. In fact, this method is not suitable for brewing milk powder. Because the milk powder needs to be judged by the scale on the bottle to determine whether the amount of water is appropriate. If you put milk powder first and then water, it will make the milk powder too thick, which will increase the baby's gastrointestinal burden.

3 , change the adjustment ratio by yourself

The mixing ratio in the milk powder instruction manual was obtained after several experiments and is more suitable for the development of the baby. Because the baby's stomach and digestive function have not yet developed and perfected, so as not to change the mixing ratio, it may cause constipation or eating Insufficient nutrition can not keep up, remember not to change at will.

4 , reheat the milk powder

On the one hand, the baby has poor resistance, and the reheated milk powder may be contaminated, and the baby is prone to physical discomfort after drinking. On the other hand, reheating the milk powder may also cause the original nutritional value in the milk powder to be lost. Therefore, when brewing milk powder for your baby, you must try to correctly estimate the baby's food intake.