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How to add nutrition during pregnancy

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When it comes to nutritional supplementation during pregnancy, expectant mothers seem to fall into the periodic table of the elements, calcium, magnesium, zinc, iron, vitamins ... pregnant mothers need so much nutrition, how should they be supplemented scientifically?

蛋白质 Protein

After being absorbed by the body, protein is broken down and converted into amino acids. The arginine in amino acids is not only the key raw material for making sperm, but also a powerful factor for enhancing the vitality of sperm. And meat and eggs are rich in protein and easily absorbed by the body. Therefore, parents who are preparing for pregnancy can eat more meat appropriately. You can also eat foods that are directly rich in arginine, such as catfish, cuttlefish, octopus, sesame, peanut kernels, walnuts, etc.

维生素C 2. Vitamin C

可是准妈妈们的好帮手,从食物中摄取丰富的维生素C ,能够有效提高生殖细胞的活性。 Vitamin C is a good helper for expectant mothers. Ingesting rich vitamin C from food can effectively improve the activity of reproductive cells. 除了能对妈妈们的生殖系统有抗衰老功效,对于爸爸们也是有好处的,可以提高受孕成功率。 In addition to vitamin C 's anti-aging effect on mothers' reproductive system, it is also good for fathers and can improve the success rate of conception. 的水果如橙子等。 Therefore, parents during pregnancy can consider eating more vitamin C- rich fruits such as oranges.


Zinc is one of the important things that prospective dads should pay attention to during nutrition preparation. Because zinc is a substance necessary for sperm metabolism, eating more foods rich in zinc, such as seafood, shellfish, beans and lotus seeds, can improve the activity and health of germ cells of dads.

叶酸 4.Folic acid

Folic acid is an important nutrient that many expectant mothers who are preparing for pregnancy know need to supplement during pregnancy. 个月,就要开始补充叶酸。 But in fact, 3 months before conception, you must start to supplement folic acid. 周。 Because the human body takes a period of time to precipitate after taking folic acid, the state of folic acid deficiency in the body can be improved. This time is about 4 weeks. During the early stages of fetal neural tube formation, mothers had enough folic acid in their bodies to meet the needs of children's nervous system development. Therefore, supplementing folic acid during pregnancy is very important.

In short, expectant fathers and expectant mothers must make good efforts to rationally adjust their diet during pregnancy to enhance nutrition intake and prepare for the arrival of healthy babies!