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Why does sedentary affect pregnancy?

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I believe that many women in life sit in the office every day to work. Except for the time of eating and going to the toilet, one sitting is a whole day. Perhaps most of the office women have become accustomed to such a sitting, which is the normal working day, and feels that this is very good and does not have much impact on the body. In fact, for women who are preparing for pregnancy, sedentary harm is still relatively large, and it may even affect pregnancy. Why does sedentary affect pregnancy?

、卵巢缺氧 1 , ovarian hypoxia

Every day for several hours in a sitting state, the lower body and waist and abdominal pressure is relatively large, prone to stagnation and blood stasis, in this case, it will also cause "ovarian hypoxia", affecting women Normal ovulation, if the ovulation is not normal, will have a significant impact on women preparing for pregnancy.

、经血逆流 2 , menstrual flow countercurrent

In the days when my aunt came to work every month, the office women at work also had to stick to their posts. If they kept sitting during menstruation, they would cause poor menstrual blood and even menstrual reflux. If the menstrual flow is countercurrent, it can lead to the occurrence of endometriosis for a long time, which will affect women's pregnancy.

、子宫异位 3 , ectopic uterus

If there is a woman with anteverted or posterior uterus, sitting for a long time will make the problem of anteverted or posterior uterus more and more serious. Uterine ectopic not only causes dysmenorrhea and abnormal menstruation, but also may cause infertility, mainly because endometriosis can often cause adhesions around the fallopian tubes to affect oocyte pick-up; or ovulation due to ovarian disease.

For office women who are preparing for pregnancy, they must pay attention to more activities during work breaks. You can rub your arms and legs when you go to the water dispenser to receive water. You can also have more activities on the way to and from work.