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Is painless delivery really painless?

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来岁的女性来说,分娩最大的恐惧来源于“疼”。 Being a mother is a very happy thing, but for most women in their 20s, the biggest fear of childbirth comes from "pain." How to do it? Painless labor becomes a life-saving straw.

In fact, painless childbirth does not mean that it is completely painless during the childbirth process. It just helps you reduce the pain of contractions to a range that you can tolerate. During this time, you can save energy and replenish energy, which is conducive to delivery.

I do n’t need to say that everyone knows the biggest advantages of painless childbirth, but some mothers will still hesitate if “anesthesia will affect the fetus, will it be at risk during anesthesia, will there be postpartum side effects, etc. ".

I. Anesthesia Risk

The risk of painless delivery anesthesia is mainly whether the anesthetic can be applied to the correct location. If the needle is not found in the subarachnoid space by mistake, it may cause total spinal anesthesia, which may cause the woman to stop breathing within minutes. , Blood pressure drops or even loses consciousness.

In general, painless delivery has high technical requirements for anesthesiologists, so expectant mothers must choose a regular and large-scale hospital when choosing painless delivery. In fact, it is not only the risk of painless delivery and anesthesia, but also the risk of caesarean delivery.

Can it affect the fetus?

In fact, the problem of painless delivery affecting the fetus is almost impossible. Because painless delivery is mainly to relieve maternal contractions, it does not affect the process of giving birth to a child.

In addition, the anesthetic dose for painless delivery is controlled within a very low range, which is similar to that of Caesarean section, so it will not have a negative impact on the health of the fetus.

Third, after playing anesthesia will cause back pain?

This point needs to be rumored. After the birth of the child, the back pain will cause back pain. In fact, this is because after the birth of the child, the bones and bones of the body have a recovery period, which is relatively fragile. Will cause back pain. So low back pain has nothing to do with non-painless anesthesia.

Lastly, painless delivery is not suitable for any mother. If you plan to have a painless delivery, you must tell your doctor in advance and do a number of tests.