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What are the misunderstandings of nourishing the stomach

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、认为长期喝牛奶对胃有好处 1 , think that drinking milk for a long time is good for the stomach

When a stomach patient suffers from symptoms of sore stomach, drinking a glass of hot milk can often relieve the symptoms immediately. This is because milk dilutes gastric acid and temporarily forms a protective film on the surface of the gastric mucosa, which makes people feel comfortable. But drinking milk often may not be beneficial for patients with stomach problems.

Clinical practice has proven that milk has a stronger effect on promoting gastric acid secretion than it does on neutralizing gastric acid. ( 如胃溃疡等 ) 患者若进行抗酸治疗,就不宜长期喝牛奶,否则会影响治疗的效果或加重对胃黏膜的损害。 Patients with gastric diseases ( such as gastric ulcers ) should not drink milk for a long time if they are undergoing antacid therapy, otherwise it will affect the treatment effect or aggravate the gastric mucosa.

、认为经常喝粥对胃有好处 2. Think that regular porridge is good for your stomach

Many people think that porridge is easy to digest and can reduce the burden on the stomach. This view is not comprehensive. Compared with fried foods, non-fermented cakes, noodles, boiled corn, steamed wotou and other foods, porridge is very soft and rotten to the stomach. Therefore, patients with stomach problems can often drink porridge in the acute phase of onset. But if people drink porridge for a long time, it is not good for the stomach.

Because there is more water in the porridge, it will dilute the gastric juice, accelerate the expansion of the stomach, and make the gastric motility slow, which is not conducive to digestion of food by the stomach. Besides, amylase in human saliva is an important substance that can promote digestion. If people do not chew while eating, the salivary glands in the mouth will not secrete a large amount of saliva, so there will not be enough amylase. Drinking porridge often can inhibit the secretion of amylase, which is not conducive to human digestion of food. In addition, it is not advisable to drink hot porridge often. Because overheated porridge can irritate and damage the gastric mucosa.

、认为生姜对胃病患者有益无害 3. Ginger is considered beneficial to patients with stomach problems

Many people think that drinking ginger water can warm the stomach. In the case of upset stomach, just drinking a bowl of water boiled with ginger can relieve symptoms. Experts believe that this method is occasionally good, but not long-term. This is because ginger is an irritating food. Gastric patients who drink a lot of ginger water will stimulate the gastric mucosa to secrete too much gastric acid, which can aggravate symptoms such as stomach upset and stomach pain. Therefore, if patients with gastric disease want to use ginger to treat gastric disease, they should ask Chinese medicine practitioners to use appropriate ginger-containing prescriptions for treatment according to their own conditions.