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Have cervical spondylosis, 5 movements to help recovery

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5 个动作,帮助身体自我康复。 The following 5 actions help the body heal itself.

颈部背伸自体牵引练功:仰卧床上,头朝床沿,缓缓将头部挪到床沿外,颈部大约是第二颈椎处靠在床沿,放松,保持 15-20 分钟,再缓缓把头颈部挪回床上,转身侧卧,手撑着身体缓缓坐起来。 1. Neck extension and self-traction exercise: Lie on your back with your head toward the edge of the bed, and slowly move your head outside the edge of the bed. The neck is about the second cervical vertebra and lean on the edge of the bed. Relax. Hold for 15-20 minutes, then slowly Move your head and neck back to the bed, turn to lie on your side, and sit slowly with your hands on your body. It is recommended that you set an alarm before doing this to remind yourself to avoid falling asleep while doing this action. Keeping this action for a long time may be harmful to your health.

背伸五点式练功:这个动作类似臀桥,又与之不同。 2. Five-point Back Exercise: This movement is similar to buttocks, but different. When exercising, first bend your knees and lie on your back with your feet slightly apart from the shoulder width and separate them slightly to the sides. Then separate your arms to both sides and bend your elbows and fists upwards. Then push your hips upwards and use the head as a fulcrum. With both feet and hands as another fulcrum, lift the hips upwards, and the middle and lower backs and thighs also lifted upwards until the entire torso is basically in a straight line from the shoulders to the knees, and is approximately perpendicular to the lower legs. During the whole process, both feet, shoulders, upper back, and arms remain stationary, and the lower leg cannot be moved actively; the buttocks are forced to return slowly and in a controlled manner.

飞燕式练功:俯卧床上,双臂放干身体两侧,双腿伸直,然后将头,上肢和下肢用力向上抬起,不要使肘和膝关节屈曲,要始终保持伸直,如飞燕状,反复锻炼若干次。 3. Feiyan exercises: Prone on the bed, put your arms on both sides of your body, straighten your legs, and then lift your head, upper limbs, and lower limbs firmly upwards. Do not bend your elbows and knees. Always keep straight, such as Swallow-shaped, exercise repeatedly several times. If you feel that this movement is too difficult, you don't need to lift your lower limbs.

平板支撑练功:大家应该非常熟悉,此处不做示范。 4. Flat support exercises: Everyone should be very familiar with it, so I won't show it here. When doing plank support, pay attention to keep the back, waist and feet in a straight line with the power of the abdomen, and the waist should not be loose or fall down.

5. Pull the horizontal bar to practice: Simple hanging horizontal bar can improve the problems of scoliosis and disc herniation. It is recommended that you do it once or twice a day and stay for 3-30 seconds each time depending on your physical condition.