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Summer holiday golden period | Dear parents, it's time to queue up for circumcision again

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In recent years, with the change of parents' concept and the popularization of children's physical examination, the amount of foreskin surgery has increased significantly.

因此每到暑假,就成了男孩子们排队割鸡鸡的季节。 In summer, the metabolism of the human body is accelerated, and it is easier to recover after surgery. There is more time during the summer vacation, which is more conducive to rehabilitation after foreskin surgery. Therefore, every summer vacation, it becomes a season for boys to line up to cut chickens.

Is it necessary to do foreskin surgery? What will happen to my child if I do n’t do it? Let's get to know Dr. Nan Liou, Children's Surgery of Yueqing Maternal and Child Health Hospital!

The foreskin of a boy generally has three states: normal, foreskin is too long, phimosis.

是指包皮覆盖全部阴茎头,而包皮口并不小,可以上翻显露出阴茎头。 Foreskin is too long means that the foreskin covers the entire penis head, and the foreskin mouth is not small, which can be turned up to reveal the penis head.

是指包皮口狭小,使包皮不能翻转显露阴茎头。 Phimosis means that the foreskin has a narrow mouth so that the foreskin cannot be turned over to reveal the head of the penis.

Foreskin circumcision has been a routine routine operation in western Africa for more than 5,000 years. It also has a history of at least 3,000 years in the Middle East. At present, around 25% of men worldwide have undergone circumcision, most of which are concentrated in the United States, Canada, the Middle East and the Muslim population in Asia, and most of Africa.

,但是单纯从医学的观点而言,只有具有手术指征的患儿才需要进行手术。 In fact, not all men should be circumcised. People in some regions or races, for some reason, such as religion or adult rituals, will allow all men to undergo circumcision , but from a purely medical point of view. , Only children with surgical indications need surgery.

Bao Ma

Does my baby need to be circumcised?

有以下情况的患儿,应该进行包皮环切术: [Surgery required] Children with the following conditions should undergo circumcision:

包皮口有纤维性狭窄环的后天性包茎 Acquired phimosis with fibrous narrow rings in the foreskin

反复发作阴茎头包皮炎 Recurrent penile head foreskinitis

五六岁以后,包皮口重度狭窄,有排尿困难,包皮不能退缩而显露阴茎头,保守治疗效果不满意,尤其经常红肿发炎者。 After the age of five or six, the foreskin is severely narrowed, has difficulty urinating, the foreskin cannot be retracted and the penis head is exposed, and the conservative treatment is not satisfactory, especially those who are often swollen and inflamed.

包茎 经常发炎的包皮过长 需要手术? Why do phimosis and often inflamed foreskins require surgery?

1. The foreskin is narrow or even as small as a pinhole, which easily leads to difficulty in urinating. The phimosis is also a place for dirt and dirt. The accumulated foreskin, such as soybeans, accumulates under the skin and can cause repeated infections, which often makes the baby feel pain and itching.

2. Phimosis easily leads to small penis: if not treated in time, it is easy to restrict the development of the penis.

3. Phimosis is likely to cause premature ejaculation in adulthood: Men with phimosis, because the glans can not be exposed, are protected by the foreskin, the sensitivity is extremely high, and it is easy to ejaculate with a little stimulation.

4. Increase the incidence of penile cancer and various sexually transmitted diseases in adulthood.

包皮过长发炎时小鸡鸡肿起来像根火腿肠一样一样的,那个痛就很揪心了。 5. When the foreskin is too long and inflamed, the chicken swells up like a ham sausage, and the pain is very worrying. Such as frequent inflammation, it is very painful for young children, and often the inflammation is easy to form scar phimosis, and the operation is more difficult.

When is the best time for surgery?

5-7岁 The male genitalia has a rapid development process after entering puberty. It is recommended that foreskin surgery is best done in prepuberty, and the optimal age is 5-7 years .

暑假 最佳。 In terms of seasons, because the “chicks” are exposed after the foreskin surgery, it is easy to freeze when it is cold, so it is better in warm weather, and it is naturally the best summer vacation for children . The summer weather is hot, many Baoma are worried about infection, but in fact, living conditions are better now, as long as you pay attention to local hygiene, the probability of infection is extremely low ~

What to pay attention to before surgery?

Pay attention to local cleansing to avoid local skin infections and urinary tract infections. You can prepare chocolate, candy, warm water and other foods in appropriate amounts. Children who choose local anesthesia do not need to fast and drink before surgery, and children under general anesthesia need to fast as fast as the anesthesiologist (fast for 8 hours, milk for 6 hours, and water for 2 hours).

How to recuperate after surgery?

Avoid strenuous exercise and trauma, drink plenty of water and urinate regularly. At the same time, remember to check again after 14 days! In case of changes in conditions, such as bleeding, difficulty urinating, fever, etc., go to the hospital for emergency treatment in a timely manner. It usually takes two weeks to a month to recover from the operation.

Does anesthesia affect intelligence?

For very cooperative children, local anesthesia is sufficient. For children who are not cooperative, general anesthesia can be considered. However, the current anesthetics and methods of anesthesia are becoming more and more advanced. Without absolute contraindications to anesthesia, general anesthesia has no adverse effects on the intelligence and growth of the baby. After surgery, male children will have more room for penile development, and it will be more convenient to clean.

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Summer holiday golden period