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Don't panic if your child is burned or burned, it is important to handle it properly!

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孩子懵懂无知、活泼多动,这也导致孩子更容易遭受烫伤,8个月到1岁左右儿童,是烧烫伤的高发年龄段。 Summer vacation is the high incidence of burns. Burns have always accounted for a large proportion in our emergency department. Children are ignorant and active, which also makes children more vulnerable to burns. Children from 8 months to 1 year old are burns. High incidence age.

Our treatment and medical treatment greatly affect the prognosis of burns. Sometimes improper treatment can cause heartache consequences such as prolonged recovery period, and then scars, for example, scars that cause discoloration!

Today, let's follow the child surgeons of Yueqing Maternal and Child Health Hospital to learn what we should do when we encounter a burn injury ~


In the event of a burn

After a burn, the main symptoms are pain in the wound, skin damage, and severe burns that may cause shock, infection, and sepsis. Therefore, the guardian should pay attention to the baby's actions at all times to avoid burns; after burns, they should promptly take first-aid measures such as detaching from heat sources, treating wounds, and rehydrating.

step one

First make a preliminary estimate of the injury

(1) Mild burns: Second burns with a total area below 5%.

(2) Moderate burns: Second-degree burns with a total area of 5% -15%, or third-degree burns below 5%.

(3) Severe burns: Second degree of 15% -25% of the total area, or third degree burns of 5% -10%.

(4) Very severe burns: second degree with total area above 25%, or third degree burn with above 10%.

Step two

On-site first aid is very important after a burn. If the child is scalded, the parents estimate that the scalded area is below 20%, and they should first aid themselves at the scene. The first aid method is " one punch, two take offs, three foams, four covers, and five free deliveries" .

,不要迷信偏方,以免延误最佳治疗时机! Please be sure to take the injured person to a regular hospital , do not superstitious remedies, so as not to delay the best time for treatment!

Step three

At the consultation:

Listen carefully to the doctor's account; the doctor will evaluate the severity (depth, extent and location) of the burns; if the emergency doctor is not a specialized burn doctor, you may be advised to see a burn specialist the next day after treatment.

After consultation:

1. Regular analgesia: you can take acetaminophen (tenolin) orally or to your child;

2. If the wound is superficial and the epidermis is intact, gauze can not be covered and administered;

/ 凡士林; 3. Use fragrance-free moisturizer / Vaseline after daily cleansing with water ;

4. If there is a superficial breach, use local water to clean the part daily (iodine is not recommended because it will hinder wound growth), and then apply antibiotic ointments such as mupirocin cream, fusidic acid cream, Polymyxin ointment, etc .;

II 度烫伤,医生嘱咐回医院换药,遵医嘱执行。 5. If there is a deep II degree scald, the doctor orders to go back to the hospital to change the medicine and follow the doctor's instructions.

Scalds are like the scene of a car accident. At the time, the trauma determines most of the prognosis. All we can do is do the right thing in time-cool down in time, seek medical treatment as soon as necessary, and follow the doctor's advice later to achieve maximum recovery;

Each link may have multiple choices. For example, if the scald is shallow and the scope is small, first-aid treatment at home can be used to open the wound; the emergency department evaluates the superficial scald with a small range and returns home to wait for healing; the scald has a large range and a deep depth (Deep II degree) may require multiple outpatient follow-up burn doctors; those who need skin grafting, or a large-scale burn at first, may be hospitalized from the beginning;

请不要暴力救援,在“伤口上撒盐(酱油、醋、香油、牙膏、肥皂、各种秘方、偏方)”,让烫伤的皮肤成为”食材”和试药场,也不要选择没有正规资质的私人诊所,以免错过最佳治疗时机。 The children and doctors at Yueqing Maternal and Child Health Hospital hereby solemnly remind parents: Please do n’t violently rescue, sprinkle salt on the wound (soy sauce, vinegar, sesame oil, toothpaste, soap, various secret recipes, and remedies), so that the burnt skin becomes Do n’t choose private clinics without formal qualifications, so as not to miss the best time for treatment.