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Contraceptive Science Class (4)-How Injured Are Abortions?

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Some women are frightened when they learn that they are pregnant unexpectedly. In order to conceal the truth, they often go to some irregular clinics to perform painless abortion surgery, and some repeat this operation many times. In fact, this approach is very risky.


Hazard 1: Abortion complications

In the process of painless abortion, intrauterine infection, major bleeding or uterine perforation may be complicated, and it may even threaten life safety. If the abortion is not clean, it may also cause complications such as vaginal bleeding.


Harm 2: infection

In the case of painless abortion, if the disinfection is not strict or the standards of the abortion operating room are not qualified, women may be infected during the operation. In addition, if they do not pay attention to personal hygiene after the abortion or have sex for less than one month after the abortion It is also very likely to cause postoperative infections, causing gynecological inflammation such as pelvic inflammatory disease and cervicitis.


Hazard 3: Sequelae of abortion

After painless abortion, there may be sequelae such as cervical or intrauterine adhesions, and some women will have pale, sweaty, dizzy, chest tightness, slow heartbeat, and lower blood pressure due to bleeding and tension after abortion And other symptoms.


Harm 4: Irregular menstruation

This is one of the most common painless flow of people. In addition, if the mood is unpleasant after the flow of people, it will also affect normal menstruation. There will be disorders of the menstrual cycle, low menstrual flow, or endless menstruation. which performed.


Harm 5: Infertility

If painless abortion is performed many times, the endometrium is damaged to a certain extent, and habitual abortion or infertility is very likely. Moreover, abortion as a surgery will also cause 3% of secondary infertility.


Hazard 6: Anesthesia accident

The ideal painless flow requires anesthesia drugs to take effect quickly, metabolism is rapid, and adverse reactions are small. At present, although various anesthetics basically meet the requirements, there is no one that can achieve the most ideal anesthetic. Various reasons may still cause adverse reactions such as respiratory depression, circulation depression, and drug allergies.


Female friends of all childbearing ages:

If you do not have a birth plan for the time being, please take scientific contraceptive measures in time ~

,避免不良流产,反复清宫对宫腔造成损伤,对日后继续怀孕造成麻烦。 If you are pregnant , please go to a regular hospital in time to avoid bad abortion, repeated palace cleansing will cause damage to the uterine cavity, and cause trouble for future pregnancy.