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What should I do if my baby has a gastrointestinal disorder and anorexia?

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The hot summer has quietly passed, followed by the cool autumn.

是否还在为您家的宝贝经常出现的腹泻、消化不良、厌食等脾胃疾病而苦恼呢 While enjoying the coolness of autumn, are you still distressed by spleen and stomach diseases such as diarrhea, indigestion and anorexia that often occur in your baby ?

Following the "Summer San Fu Post",

Yueqing Maternal and Child Health Hospital will be launched in September

"Autumn Spleen and Stomach Sticker" ,

Solve your problems.

Dear moms, you can make an appointment ~

Application time

Once a week, six times in total

Application time this year

They are:

第一次09月18日~09月24日 ☑The first time from September 18th to September 24th

第二次09月25日~10月01日 ☑The second time from September 25 to October 01

第三次 10月02日~10月08日 ☑The third time October 02-October 08

第四次 10月09日~10月15日 ☑The fourth time October 09-October 15

第五次 10月16日~10月22日 ☑The fifth time October 16-October 22

第六次 10月23日~10月29日 ☑The sixth time October 23 to October 29

Autumn is the season for regulating the spleen and stomach, and diarrhea is a common disease in autumn.

Children's internal organs are delicate and tender, their spleen and stomach are weak, their lungs are inadequate, and their health is not firm. External evils invade the spleen and stomach, have abnormal movement, and are not distinguished from turbidity. They invade the large intestine, and the intestinal tract loses contraction and causes diarrhea.

针对中焦虚寒,虚寒性胃病,胃肠功能紊乱,脾胃虚弱型消化不良、厌食、大便溏薄等脾胃系统疾病,可以有预防和治疗作用。 The autumn spleen and stomach patch can prevent and treat the diseases of the spleen and stomach system, such as moderate burn, cold depletion, gastrointestinal disorders, weak dyspepsia, anorexia, and thin stools.

Autumn spleen and stomach sticker appointment

To avoid long waiting times,

You can make an appointment by telephone in advance :



First floor of outpatient clinic of Yueqing Maternal and Child Health Hospital

Children's Traditional Chinese Medicine Health Conditioning Center

(Traditional Chinese Massage)

Working hours:

All day from Monday to Sunday

08: 00-11: 30 am

14: 00-17: 30 pm

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The application time is different due to individual differences and different sensitivities. The degree of tolerance is not tolerable, and the local warm color is reddish.

1. Can not be applied during acute respiratory infections and fever;

2. Those who are extremely sensitive to the application of the skin should not apply it;

3. It is not suitable for special constitutions and skin diseases such as contact dermatitis and local skin damage at the application points.

4, In addition, children under 2 years old, pregnant women, those allergic to tape should be used with caution.