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Rubbing the umbilical | A good way to enhance your child's physique, easy to learn!

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It's time to catch a cold again. At this time, in addition to colds and fevers, the babies at home also have varying degrees of weak spleen and stomach. So, is there any way to relieve the child's discomfort and strengthen the child's physique without taking medicine or injection?

是健补中宫(脾胃),适用于任何人,尤其对虚症作用尤大(对14岁以下小孩来效较快,14岁以上的也可以做)。 Umbilical rubbing is a tonic tonic (spleen and stomach) and is suitable for anyone, especially for the deficiency (it is faster for children under 14 years old, and can also be done for children over 14 years old).

Children before the age of 14 have relatively poor resistance. After being affected by wind and cold, they will directly affect the spleen and stomach function and form accumulation. Everyone you see is picky, frail, and not long. They are more afraid of cold, eating, eating, thin yellow muscles, or after a cold, or after severe illness or illness. When the child is weak, they even have mental retardation or physical function during development. Normal children are not the same. As long as they stick to the navel rubbing method, they can stimulate absorption and stimulate hematopoietic function, which will help children recover their vitality quickly.

How to rub the umbilical? a

The child lays flat. Parents can sit on the right side of the child, or sit on a stool or bed. You face each other, and the operator rubs his hands (generally, the hands of men are relatively hot, men are yang, women Your hands are relatively cold. When rubbing, you must remember to rub your hands. If it is not hot, it will be cold, and the operation effect is reversed. It was originally intended to make up but has the effect of occlusion and diarrhea.


Rubbing hands is the first level. If your mother's hands are cold when you rub your hands, if you touch the child's belly, and the child's skin is hot, it means that your hands are too cold. At this time, gently squeeze your fist, tap your own Quchi and Neiguan acupoints, tap for 2-3 minutes, and then rub your hands, so that your hands will get hot after 3-4 minutes, and then do it for the children after the fever .

Essentials of operation

Children are best to wear loose and soft cotton underwear, across the clothes, Laogong acupoint in the palm of the child sucking the navel eye of the child, the whole palm against the child's belly.

At this time, your middle finger may have touched the child's upper palate, and the palm is stuck between Qihai and Guan Yuan. When rubbing, I feel that the palm of the hand sucks the skin, not rubbing the skin, but sucking the skin, pushing the muscle layer and abdominal muscles to work.

The direction of operation is clockwise when you face the child, that is, "from left → up → right → down → left", that is, along the ascending, transverse, and descending colons of the child.

The key to kneading is eight words: lightness, soothing, soft penetration.

To be gentle is not to go too fast and to be gentle with force;

Penetration is to bring a little sinking force to drive the movement of the muscle layer. It must not be too frivolous. The force must penetrate the muscle layer to fully stimulate the qi and blood to assist the yang energy. Mom and Dad need to be patient.

When kneading, hold for about 10 minutes at a time.

Communicate with the child at any time: whether the method is too heavy (if it is too heavy, you can just release a little force), you can feel it in the palm of the hand during the kneading process. If the child's belly starts to heat, it feels hot and hot Ok.

To do this umbilical rubbing, the most important thing is to grasp the strength and communicate with the children. Some children are more troublesome, more active, and so on. At this time, it is very simple. Give him your left hand and tell him to grab my finger. Don't move. Hold on for 10 minutes, and then he will grab your hand very well, so you should do it while communicating with the child. Generally speaking, he will enter the state very quickly if he cooperates well.

If the child adapts to you, after 10 minutes of kneading every day, he is very comfortable, and he will let you knead every day in the future. After a few days of ordinary parents kneading, children will actively ask their parents to knead themselves for 10 minutes before going to bed. Generally, a child with indigestion and malabsorption persists for 10 days, and the child's gradual complexion will gradually change, and a good condition will appear. If you persist for about a month, the child's physique will change dramatically.


During operation, many children are itchy.

When the child is afraid of itching, the solution is very simple. When he lays flat, put his hand on his belly gently, don't move for a while, talk with him (talk and chat), wait for a while and he won't be afraid of itching Gently move; if you still feel itchy, just wait a while. Because the itch is born by the heart, most of the itch is caused by psychological effects. If he talks with the child, he says he can cooperate without worrying about itching.

There is also a problem when operating. If the technique is too heavy, the child will not let you rub it the next day when the skin is sore, so you must remember that it is light and soft.

The time to do it is usually to lie in the quilt after taking a bath before going to bed at night, and then let him sleep after 10 minutes. Always do it clockwise. The main point is to rub the hands with warmth and patience in one direction. move

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