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The child grows high in the golden season, and the growth is applied ~

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Doctors often say that "spring, summer, autumn, harvest, winter, Tibetan" in the spring has a strong metabolism in the human body, and endocrine hormones, especially growth hormone secretion, increase, creating a "golden condition" for children in the growth and development stage.

A World Health Organization study confirmed that

The child's growth and development grows fastest in spring (March to May).

The average height is 1.37 cm.

Especially in May it can grow 7.3 mm high,

Known as "magic May".

Height formula

× 7 + 77 = 标准身高(厘米) Age × 7 + 77 = standard height (cm)

五厘米 ,就要引起重视了。 Experts warn that if the actual height is five centimeters below the standard height , attention must be paid.

So the question is coming. Is there any good way to help children in spring?

生长贴 取得事半功倍的效果! If you want your child to grow taller, you can do more with less with growth stickers in spring !

What is a growth sticker

The growth patch is made up of a variety of traditional Chinese medicine preparations for strengthening the spleen and strengthening qi, and is applied to the corresponding acupuncture points. Through continuous stimulation, penetration and absorption of the acupuncture points, the drug adjusts the internal organs, yin and yang, and improves the spleen and stomach Function, promote anabolic metabolism, improve the body's absorption of calcium and phosphorus, and also help improve the quality of children's sleep, thereby helping children grow taller.

Which children need

Pediatric growth stickers are suitable for children aged 2-14 years old who have the following symptoms:

Short height

Low body weight, anorexia, accumulation, poor nutrition, etc.

Poor constitution, often sick, poor sleep.

The Children's Traditional Chinese Medicine Conditioning Center of Yueqing Maternal and Child Health Hospital has been widely praised since its introduction of spring growth dressing last year, and has been praised by parents.

This year's spring growth stickers are starting again! !! !!

2019 Spring Growth Post

From March 18th, apply once a week.

Apply a total of 6 times.

The specific times are as follows:

周一至 周六 ) First time: March 18 ~ March 23 ( Monday to Saturday )

周一至 周六 ) Second time: March 25th to March 30th ( Monday to Saturday )

周一至 周六 ) Third time: April 01 to April 06 ( Monday to Saturday )

周一至 周六 ) Fourth time: April 08 to April 13 ( Monday to Saturday )

周一至 周六 ) Fifth time: April 15 to April 20 ( Monday to Saturday )

周一至 周六 ) Sixth time: April 22 to April 27 ( Monday to Saturday )

Make an appointment

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运动 对于孩子长高也至关重要哦, 0-8个月 的孩子还可以选择来我们院小儿游泳馆游泳,游泳的宝宝因为全身性运动,身体骨骼发育相对不游泳的要更好,身高也相对长得更高。 In addition to the application, exercise is also important for children to grow taller . Children from 0-8 months can also choose to swim in our children ’s swimming pool. Swimming babies are relatively incapable of swimming because of their overall movement Be better and be taller.

Pediatric Swimming Appointment Hotline:



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