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Heart Warming | Home Service, Caring for Newborn Hearing Health

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20个 全国 “爱耳日”,耳朵是人体五官当中的听觉器官,它可以感受到自然界的各种声音,如果听力丧失,听力方面出现障碍将严重影响个人的学习和生活。 March 3rd is the 20th National "Early Love Day". The ear is the hearing organ among the five senses of the human body. It can feel various sounds in nature. If hearing loss occurs, hearing difficulties will seriously affect the individual's learning and life. .

On the afternoon of March 4, three staff members of the child care department of the Yueqing Maternal and Child Health Hospital and the child care staff of the township health hospital drove to the homes of Ye Moumou in Bali Village, Yandang Town and Yu Moumou in Xiagan Village, Dajing Town. Hearing reviews were performed on babies who failed the initial screening.

Bali Village is located on the island of Yandang Town, about 20 minutes' drive from the town. Ye Moumou, 37 days, because the child's right ear screening failed after the child was born, the staff conducted a phone follow-up at the full moon of the child and asked the parents to bring the child to the Pediatrics Department of Yueqing Maternal and Child Health Hospital to review the hearing. The parents informed: The road is too far away and the traffic is not convenient. A week has passed, and the child still hasn't come to review. Xiagan Village in Dajing Town is farther away. On March 25th, Yumouzi (Yunnanese), after hearing, he failed to pass both ear screening tests. He called many times to call for future follow-up examinations. The mother's attitude on the phone was perfunctory and the answer was free. It will come, not paying attention to the hearing screening of children, but did not obviously refuse.

On the 20th National Ear Day, we brought the brainstem evoked potentiometer (AABR), examination tools and promotional materials, and the township child care staff came to their homes to screen the children for hearing, and the children passed successfully. Binaural test. The staff explained to parents the importance of hearing screening for newborns, precautions for hearing care, and gave pamphlets and leaflets on parenting knowledge. The mother of the child expressed her heartfelt feelings about our arrival.

Then, we went to the home of Yu Moumou (Yunnan) in Gan Village, Dajingxia. After explaining the intention, we got the cooperation of the child's mother and tested the children's ears. Because the child was awake and had a cold, there was The nasal congestion phenomenon is not very cooperative. The test result fails, but the parents complained that the child responded better to external sounds. We instructed the parents to take their child to the pediatric department of the hospital and wait for the cold to come. Take the child to the Pediatrics Department of Yueqing Maternal and Child Health Hospital to review the hearing. After patient communication with the parents, the mother agreed to go to the Yueqing Maternal and Child Health Hospital to check the hearing situation one week later.

In 2018, the hearing screening rate of newborns in our city was 100.34%. The initial screening screening failed 599 recalls, the recall rate was 103.1%, the rescreening failed 125 recalls, the recall rate was 102.46%, 47 hearing abnormalities were diagnosed, and the abnormal rate was 3.8 ‰. . Caring for hearing health and implementing the national aid system. A policy of free hearing screening for every newborn, follow-up recall for every child who fails screening, and to ensure that every child with suspicious hearing is diagnosed and treated early. Intensify publicity efforts to help families with difficult hearing diagnoses, and benefit from the national assistance system to protect the health of children with hearing disorders to the greatest extent, and reduce the adverse effects of hearing disorders on children and families.