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[New concept] Be aware of ectopic pregnancy when you discover these symptoms, please tell more people about your doctor's advice!

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Xiaoyun's menstruation was delayed for 8 days. On the 9th day, "Aunt" finally patronized, but this time "Aunt" was not the same. Not only was the amount small, but also accompanied by abdominal pain. The careless Xiaoyun was not too much. care. It wasn't until two days later that she started to feel more severe abdominal pain, and she always felt like having a bowel movement, but she couldn't get out of the toilet, so she finally came to my gynecological clinic for an examination.

宫外孕,而且输卵管已破裂 ,于是立即被收治入院,做了手术。 Xiao Yun's medical history immediately attracted the attention of the doctor Dr. Li, who suspected that an ectopic pregnancy was possible. After investigation, it was confirmed that Xiao Yun had indeed had an ectopic pregnancy and the fallopian tube had ruptured . He was immediately admitted to the hospital and had surgery. Fortunately, the surgery is timely, and if it is later, the consequences will be unimaginable.


What is "ectopic pregnancy"?

Ectopic pregnancy is a common adverse pregnancy outcome in women of childbearing age. Medically called ectopic pregnancy, it refers to the implantation and development of fertilized eggs outside the uterine body cavity, including fallopian tube pregnancy, ovarian pregnancy, abdominal pregnancy, cervical pregnancy and so on. Among them, tubal pregnancy is most common.

Ectopic pregnancy is more common and very dangerous. Once ruptured and bleeding, the condition is often very critical. If symptoms are not detected and treated early, it may endanger women's lives.


Common symptoms of "ectopic pregnancy"


Most patients have a history of short or no menopause;

stomach ache

When there is no abortion or rupture of the fallopian tube, it usually manifests as a dull abdominal pain or soreness. If the fallopian tube has a miscarriage or rupture, the patient may experience a tear in the lower abdomen on one side, and may have a sense of defecation, often with cold sweats, and accompanied by nausea and vomiting;

Irregular bleeding

The amount of bleeding is small and significantly less than the amount of menstruation, and a few patients have more vaginal bleeding;

Syncope shock

Acute intra-abdominal hemorrhage can cause dizziness, paleness, decreased blood pressure, and syncope shock.

Gynecologist reminds:

The key to treating ectopic pregnancy is early detection. Once the ectopic pregnancy is diagnosed, the doctor will take the best treatment according to the patient's condition.

Women of childbearing age should be alert to the possibility of ectopic pregnancy when menstruation is delayed or when menstruation is abnormal (low menstrual blood volume, abdominal pain). When you find these symptoms, be sure to have an early pregnancy test first, and don't take it for granted that your period is delayed. If you find abnormalities such as deep and shallow in early pregnancy test strips, go to the hospital for blood HCG examination and color Doppler ultrasound examination early, which can effectively detect ectopic pregnancy and treat it early to prevent bad results.

Prepared mothers should also pay attention to pre-pregnancy inspections and timely and thorough treatment of gynecological diseases. Don't be careless after pregnancy.

Source: Haiyan Maternal and Child Health Hospital