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Who has your baby inherited?

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Just after the baby is born, parents must argue about who the baby looks like, who looks like his mouth, and who looks like his face?

The baby's appearance and personality, IQ, is it more inherited from the mother or the father?

Take a look at the following analysis and you will know.

Who has more genetic height? ——Parents take half

In addition to the nutritional status, 70% of the child's height is in the hands of the parents. The inheritance of the parents is the main factor that determines the child's height, because 35% of the height determining factors come from the father and 35% from the mother. If both parents are not tall, it will depend on the baby's 30% effort the day after tomorrow.

Who has more genetic inheritance? --mom

Intelligence has a certain heredity, and is also affected by acquired factors such as environment, nutrition, and education. According to scientists' evaluation, the influence of genetics on intelligence accounts for about 50% to 60%. As far as genetics is concerned, mothers are smart, and most of the children they give are smart. If they are a boy, they will be smarter. The reason is that human intelligence-related genes are mainly concentrated on the X chromosome. Women have two X chromosomes, and men have only one, so the mother's intelligence occupies a more important position in heredity.

To prove this, let's first review the high school biology knowledge: how do boys and girls come from?

Boys are XY, X (egg) is from mother, Y (sperm) is from father.

Girls are XX, X (egg) is from mother, and X (sperm) is from father.

Therefore, it is the gentleman's fault to have boys and girls, so don't blame your mother's belly.

Please note that boys are XY, so boys 'IQs are all inherited from mothers, girls are XX, so girls' IQs are half affected by both fathers and mothers.

Because the IQ of girls is affected by both father and mother, there will be a neutralizing effect, so the distribution of girls' IQ will show a normal distribution, which is an inverted bell shape with the most in the middle and less on both sides.

Then, because the boys are completely affected by only one side, the distribution of boys' IQ will show a bias in the two extremes. In other words, there are more genius boys, but at the same time, there are also many boys among stupid people.

What does this tell us?

1. You have to judge whether a boy is smart or not, just look at his mother.

2. Then we use probability to calculate:

Probability of giving birth to a boy = 1/2; probability of giving birth to a girl = 1/2.

When giving birth to a boy, mother's influence on boy's IQ = 1

When giving birth to a girl, the mother's influence on the girl's IQ = 1/2

So if you:

1. It is a boy who feels stupid. You must marry a smart girl. In this way, your child has a 75% chance of turning the disc, and his life is still full of hope.

2. It is a girl who feels stupid, because you have a 75% chance of turning over others, so try to have a baby girl.

3. When you see a boy who is very smart, his father's chance of being smart is 0% (should say, even if his father is very smart, it has no effect on him), but his mother is 100% of chance.

So, if you are thinking about marrying a very smart boy, you have to be careful about his mother, who may be a mother-in-law who can calculate.

Who is more genetic? --father

Personality is hereditary. Although the formation of personality has an innate element, it is mainly the acquired effect. Comparatively speaking, father's influence will be greater than mother's. Among them, the role of fatherly love has a greater impact on daughters.

A psychologist believes that: "Fathers play an important role in the formation of their daughter's sense of self-esteem, identity, and gentle personality." Some experts have suggested that fathers can teach their daughters many important lessons and experiences in life. Make your daughter's character more colorful.

Who is more inherited? --Analyze specific issues

总遵循“相乘后再平均”的自然法则,让人别无选择。 Skin color: Always follow the natural rule of "multiply and then average", giving people no choice.

If the parents have darker skin, there will never be children with white and tender skin; if one is white and the other is black, most of them will give the child a "neutral" skin tone, and there are cases where they are more inclined to one side.

孩子的眼形、大小遗传自父母,大眼睛相对小眼睛是显性遗传。 Eye shape: The child's eye shape and size are inherited from their parents. Big eyes are relatively inherited from small eyes. One parent has big eyes, and a child with big eyes may be bigger.

双眼皮是显性遗传,单眼皮与双眼皮的人生宝宝极有可能是双眼皮。 Double eyelids: Double eyelids are dominantly inherited. A baby with single eyelids and double eyelids is most likely a double eyelid. But parents are single eyelids, and children are usually single eyelids.

黑色等深色相对于浅色而言是显性遗传。 Eye color: Dark colors such as black are dominantly inherited from light colors.

In other words, the children born with black eyes and blue eyes will not be born with blue eyes.

长睫毛也是显性遗传的。 Eyelashes: Long eyelashes are also dominantly inherited. As long as one parent has long eyelashes, the child is very likely to inherit long eyelashes.

一般来讲,鼻子大、高而鼻孔宽呈显性遗传。 Nose: Generally, the nose is large and tall and the nostril width is dominant. One of the parents has a straight nose, which is very likely to be passed on to the child. 小时候矮鼻子,成年还可能变成高鼻子。 The nose's genetics will continue into adulthood. When a child is short, it may become a tall nose.

耳朵的形状是遗传的,大耳朵相对于小耳朵是显性遗传。 Ears: The shape of the ears is inherited, and the big ears are dominantly inherited relative to the small ears. As long as both parents have big ears, the child is likely to be a pair of big ears.

是不容“商量”的显性遗传。 Jaw: It is a dominant inheritance that cannot be discussed. Either parent has a prominent chin, and children often have exactly the same chin without exception, which is a bit bizarre.

会使子女们有53%的机会成为大胖子,如果父母有一方肥胖,孩子肥胖的概率便下降到40%。 Obesity: Gives children a 53% chance of becoming obese. If one parent is obese, the probability of the child's obesity drops to 40%.

This shows that about half of fat and not fat can be determined by human factors.

Therefore, parents can make their body shapely through proper diet and adequate exercise.

这个让少男少女耿耿于怀的容颜症,居然也与遗传有关。 Acne: This face disorder that makes boys and girls awkward is actually related to heredity. If both parents have had acne, the prevalence of their children will be 20 times higher than that of those without family history.

酷似父母的脂肪堆积的腿,完全可以通过充分的锻炼而塑造为修长健壮的腿。 Leg type: Legs that resemble the fat accumulation of parents can be shaped into slender and strong legs through sufficient exercise. However, if the legs appear to be too long or too short because of heredity, they cannot be reshaped, and it is only left to nature.

How to optimize the genes before the baby is born?

1. My husband and I are very dark, but the baby I don't want to give birth is also a black angel.

Black couples want to have white babies, pregnant women can eat foods rich in vitamin C. Vitamin C interferes with skin melanin production, reduces melanin precipitation, and baby skin will be white and delicate.

Recommended foods: Tomatoes, grapes, oranges, cauliflower, winter melon, onion, garlic, apples, prickly pear, fresh dates and other vegetables and fruits, of which apples are the best.

2. My husband and I have dry skin, and it is easy to crack in winter. How can I protect my baby from this crime?

Couples have rough skin, pregnant women should often eat foods rich in vitamin A, which can protect skin epithelial cells and make children's skin delicate and shiny in the future.

Recommended foods: animal livers, egg yolk milk, cilantro, tomatoes, and green vegetables, fruits, dried fruits and vegetable oils.

3. My family has a gene that inherits yellow hair. My sister ’s child is still one year old with yellow and yellow hair. Will my baby inherit this?

If the couple's hair is not good, pregnant women can eat more foods containing vitamin B group, which can improve the child's hair quality, not only thick and dark, but also shiny and shiny.

Recommended food: mushrooms, black rice, lean meat, celery, eat more cereals, fish, fresh vegetables, fruits.

Source: Encyclopedia of Pregnant Women