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Recruitment | Announcement on Open Recruitment of Non-career Establishment Posts to the Society by Yueqing Maternal and Child Health Hospital

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向社会公开招聘非事业编制临时人员: Due to the needs of our hospital, we openly recruit non-career temporary staff to the society:


Recruitment positions

1.8 nurses.

2.Information entry for B-ultrasound (female only) 1.

3.Imaging diagnosis in radiology (only female).

job requirements

1.Under 30 years of age.

2.Proficient in computer operation.

3.Good health.

4. Good service attitude, good professional ethics and teamwork spirit.

ways of registration

即日起至招满为止 Registration time ( from now to the end of the recruitment period ) :

Monday to Friday

08: 30-11: 30 am

14: 00-17: 00 PM

contact number:


Registration address:

No.105 Chenxi Road, Chengdong Street, Yueqing City

Maternity and Child Health Hospital Clinic, Personnel Department

Interested parties please bring relevant documents to our unit


Salary and benefits

Eligible personnel will be selected after an interview, and their salary and benefits will be interviewed.

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