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Good news | Our hospital has become one of the first national pilot hospitals for painless delivery!

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全国有913多家医院通过遴选成为首批分娩镇痛试点医院。 A few days ago, the National Health and Health Commission issued the "Notice on Printing and Distributing the List of the First Batch of National Pilot Hospitals for Childbirth Analgesia". More than 913 hospitals across the country have been selected to become the first batch of pilot hospitals for childbirth analgesia. Two hospitals were selected in Yueqing, and our hospital is also among the first batch of pilot hospitals! 娩正式进行全国推广。 This marks the official promotion of painless delivery nationwide.

As one of the earliest hospitals in Wenzhou to carry out painless delivery, our hospital established a painless delivery center in 2015 to comprehensively perform labor analgesia, arrange an anesthesiologists on duty for 24 hours, and the delivery rate for painless delivery is from 22 in 2015. % Gradually increased to about 45% in 2018. The selection of the first batch of state-level painless delivery hospitals this time is also an affirmation of our hospital's years of painless delivery.

At present, it is generally accepted that the most effective method of labor analgesia is intraspinal analgesia. After the parturition of the mother, the request for painless delivery was made. Without contraindications, the anesthesiologist kept a thin tube in the back of the mother to continue the administration until the end of labor pain. Since the development of painless labor in our hospital, this technology has been recognized by the majority of women and their families.