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Not afraid of tired, not annoying, can sell cute, can be funny | Yueqing's first robot to guide the doctor

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"Hello, what department should I see if I have a fever?"

"Sister, you can see respiratory medicine."

"Where is the emergency department?"

"Hello, the emergency department is on the first floor, 10 meters ahead."

In the lobby of the first floor of Yueqing Maternal and Child Health Hospital, a robot named Wangbao interacted with citizens who came to seek medical treatment. It is reported that this is the first robot guided by Yueqing.

"Wangbao" came to Yueqing Maternal and Child Health Hospital these days, but attracted many parents and children to watch. I saw it white and round, more than a metre tall, and talked flatteringly. Seeing the children passing by, "Wangbao" would occasionally come forward and chat. "Children, how are you feeling uncomfortable?" "Children, shall I speak with you?" ...

In addition to talking, selling, dancing, singing and dancing, "Wang Bao" also walks on inspections or takes citizens to the departments where they want to go for treatment. Under the instructions of the staff, it directs order in the outpatient hall of the hospital, with clear language and quick thinking. "Don't think that the arrival of" Wangbao "is just to bring laughter to everyone. In fact, its job is to be a medical guide." The staff of the City Maternal and Child Health Hospital said, "If you have questions about the consultation, As long as you touch the switch with your hand, it will immediately start the working mode. "At present," Wangbao "can provide you with the hospital's department distribution and medical treatment process through a question and answer.

Why introduce robots as medical guides?

Staff said

Human-machine interaction is a sign of scientific and technological development. The introduction of robots to guide medical treatment can alleviate the problem of inadequate service in hospitals due to the large amount of inquiries, reduce the time of medical treatment and reduce labor costs. At the same time, the robot's voice function can import a large number of questions, and its strong memory ability saves the training costs and time of employees. When supplemented by expressions, actions, pictures and videos, it can better answer patients' questions, and play a role Good communication function, open the intelligent hospital robot service mode.

As long as there is electricity, the robot will seriously answer questions with full enthusiasm, not afraid of being tired, not annoying, and chatting with patients while they are waiting for a patient, can appropriately relieve the patient's irritable mood.

Source: Dong Lulu, full media reporter of Yueqing Daily