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Acupoint application of “Winter Growth Enhancement Patch” at Yueqing Maternal and Child Health Hospital is now available!

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知多少 How much is the " Winter Growth Enhancer "

As the winter solstice is approaching, and it is another year of tonic, the major hospital festivals are in full swing! The Pediatric Traditional Chinese Medicine Conditioning Center of Yueqing Maternal and Child Health Hospital has always followed the principle of "can use traditional Chinese medicine without western medicine and external medicine without internal medicine". On the basis of vigorously promoting pediatric massage therapy, acupoint application has also been the most distinctive project. The acupoint application of the "Winter Growth Enhancer Patch" in the last season is now available for appointment ! Babies who have posted growth stickers in spring, don't forget "Winter Growth Enhancer"! Otherwise, it won't be as effective.

The growth patch is made up of a variety of traditional Chinese medicine preparations for strengthening the spleen and strengthening qi, and is applied to the corresponding acupuncture points. Through continuous stimulation, penetration and absorption of the acupuncture points, the drug adjusts the internal organs, yin and yang, and improves the spleen and stomach in children. Function, promote anabolic metabolism, improve the body's calcium and phosphorus absorption, and help children sleep better.

Number of application

The specific times are as follows:

The first time: December 23 to December 30

Second time: December 31 to January 06

The third time: January 07 to January 13

4th time: January 14 to January 20

5th: January 21 to January 27

The sixth time: January 28 to February 03

Application precautions

4-6 小时,年长的小儿可适当延长贴敷时间,以小儿耐受为限,如有明显不适可随时揭去药贴。 1. The application time is generally 4-6 hours. Older children can appropriately extend the application time, which is limited to children's tolerance. If there is obvious discomfort, you can remove the patch at any time.

个别过敏体质小儿在敷贴后,局部皮肤有可能出现发红,微痒及烧灼感或局部出现小水泡,属贴敷后正常反应,无需特殊处理,勿抓挠,令水泡自然吸收。 2. Individual children with allergies may have redness, slight itching and burning sensation or small blisters in the local skin after application. It is a normal reaction after application. No special treatment is required. Do not scratch them to allow the blisters to absorb naturally.

3. Apply irritating foods such as cold, greasy and spicy on the day of application.

4. Those with bleeding tendency are forbidden to use .

5. Strict care after application to prevent children from scratching and accidentally taking external medicine.

6, after the application, you need to cooperate with enough sleep, a reasonable diet and vertical upward movement, such as skipping rope, high jump, pull-ups, touch high and so on.

Reservation department and contact information

Pediatric Massage Room of Yueqing Maternal and Child Health Hospital

support hotline:



operating hours:

Monday to Sunday

Morning: 8: 00-11: 30

Afternoon: 13: 30-17: 00