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Department Introduction

Basic Information

Department Name: Department of Pharmacy Person in charge: Wang Zhaohui
Phone: 55773666 ext. 6011 e-mail:
Physical location: First floor of the outpatient building Number of beds:

Job responsibilities

The Pharmacy Section is a comprehensive technical department that integrates drug supply and management, and supervises the implementation of pharmaceutical laws and regulations. There are pharmacy, outpatient pharmacy, inpatient pharmacy, emergency pharmacy and other departments. We are a young team,   15 人,其中主管药师 1 人、药师 11 人。 There are 15 pharmaceutical technicians , including 1 pharmacist in charge and 11 pharmacists .

The Pharmacy Division is responsible for organizing and implementing pharmaceutical affairs management tasks including drug dispensing, drug procurement and supply, and drug quality control. It has a sound working system and actively implements standardized, legalized, and targeted management models. Participate in the collection and reporting of adverse drug reactions, carry out drug consultation services, and provide drug information and reasonable medication guidance for patients and the clinic. Participate in the centralized bidding of sunlight procurement projects for medicines, and strive to improve the quality of medicines and reduce the price of medicines to ensure that the medicines used by patients are economical, safe and effective. Introduce new knowledge, new achievements, new technologies and new methods to the medical staff in a timely manner, and quickly reflect the situation of hospital drug use and management.

Academic status

Technical advantages

research direction