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Department Introduction

Basic Information

Department name: B-ultrasound Person in charge: Chen Liying
Phone: 55773666 ext. 6027 e-mail:
Physical location: Second floor of the outpatient building Number of beds:

Job responsibilities

15 人。 The Department of Ultrasound in our hospital is an important department that is growing rapidly, with 15 staff members. The department is responsible for the consultation and scientific research of ultrasound diagnosis and difficult miscellaneous symptoms mainly in the city's obstetrics and gynecology and pediatrics. Carried out abdominal ultrasound, transvaginal (rectal) ultrasound, prenatal routine ultrasound, prenatal ultrasound screening (including early pregnancy Down's syndrome ultrasound screening and second trimester fetal structure screening), cardiac ultrasound, skull Ultrasound, breast ultrasound and other inspection items provide strong support for clinical diagnosis and treatment.

Academic status

PACSS HIS 网络系统,拥有多台中高端彩色多普勒超声仪及三维超声诊断仪,如飞利蒲 IE33 、日立二郎神等知名高档彩超,配有腹部凸陈探头、阴道探头、高频浅表探头、新生儿心脏探头,三维探头等。 The Department of Ultrasound has advanced ultrasound equipment and a complete PACSS and HIS network system. It has multiple mid-to-high-end color Doppler ultrasound systems and three-dimensional ultrasound diagnostic instruments, such as Philips IE33 , Hitachi Erlangshen and other well-known high-end color ultrasound systems . Chen probe, vaginal probe, high-frequency superficial probe, newborn heart probe, three-dimensional probe, etc.

Technical advantages

research direction

Prenatal diagnosis of high-risk pregnant women, ultrasound diagnosis of congenital heart disease in newborns, ultrasound diagnosis of breast diseases, ultrasound-guided puncture treatment