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Department Introduction

Basic Information

Department Name: Inspection Department Person in charge: Zhu Xiaoyan
Phone: 55773666 ext. 6017 or 6016 e-mail:
Physical location: The second and fourth floors of the outpatient building Number of beds:

Job responsibilities

The laboratory department is responsible for the testing of clinical laboratory medicine related items. There are 22 staff members, including 3 associate seniors and 4 intermediates. 门急诊基础实验室、生化实验室、免疫实验室、临床微生物室、血库、并与 温州中心医院产前诊断中心、杭州艾迪康合作。 The department has an outpatient emergency basic laboratory, a biochemical laboratory, an immunological laboratory, a clinical microbiology room, a blood bank, and cooperates with the prenatal diagnosis center of Wenzhou Central Hospital and Hangzhou Aidikan. And equipped with large-scale biochemical instrument, emergency biochemical instrument, immunoluminescence instrument, three blood cells, myocardial enzyme detection equipment.

Academic status


Technical advantages

research direction

Clinical Laboratory Medicine Features