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Department Introduction

Basic Information

Department Name: Obstetrics Person in charge: Shi Xiaohua
Phone: 55773666 ext. 6671 e-mail:
Physical location: North third floor, north fourth floor, south fifth floor of the inpatient department Number of beds: 61

Job responsibilities

As the main construction department of Wenzhou's first national baby-friendly hospital, it shoulders the health work of women and children in the city and has achieved remarkable results. 2013 年被中华医学会计划生育学分会评为“ PAC 优质服务医院”,“乐清市产科质控中心”设立在我院。 The obstetrics and gynecology department of our hospital was rated as " PAC Quality Service Hospital" by the Chinese Medical Association Family Planning Branch in 2013 , and the "Yueqing Obstetrics Quality Control Center" was set up in our hospital.

The obstetrics and gynecology department is divided into 3 wards: gynecological ward, obstetric ward, and special needs obstetric ward. At present, 101 beds are open, of which 40 are gynecological beds, and the annual operation volume is more than 1,300. There are 81 medical staff in the department, including 2 chief physicians, 3 deputy chief physicians, 13 attending physicians, and 8 nurses in charge. There are gynecology clinics, obstetric clinics, obstetric nutrition clinics, early pregnancy card clinics, family planning clinics, maternal and child health clinics, minimally invasive surgery clinics, gynecological endocrinology clinics, and oncology clinics.

Academic status

Faculty-level key disciplines

Technical advantages

research direction

  Postpartum rehabilitation center, postpartum psychological consultation center, confinement center