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Department Introduction

Basic Information

Section Name: Women's Health Section Person in charge: Zheng Jianhong
Phone: 55773666 ext. 6060 e-mail:
Physical location: Number of beds:

Job responsibilities

I. Under the leadership of the hospital and the Ministry of Health, responsible for women's health training, scientific research, and grassroots guidance.

2. Carry out women's health clinics, including adolescent health care, women's mental health care, perinatal health care, perinatal health care, women's nutrition consultation and guidance, breast health care, general treatment of women's diseases, two cancer surveys, perimenopause and old age health care.

Third, carry out publicity and guidance of women's health

Fourth, carry out teaching work such as further education, internship learning for grassroots women health workers in the city.

Fifth, carry out scientific research on women's health, keep abreast of new developments and developments in women's health, and promote their use.

6. Do a good job of detecting maternal deaths, perinatal deaths, birth defects, and quality control.

7. Master the health status of women in the city, analyze in time, and report to higher authorities in a timely manner.

Academic status

Technical advantages

research direction