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Department Introduction

Basic Information

Department Name: Growth and Development Clinic Person in charge: Zhang Wei
contact number: e-mail:
Physical location: Third floor of the outpatient department Number of beds:

Job responsibilities


The Growth and Development Clinic is a professional department that integrates medical, teaching, and scientific research on child health, child nutrition, child growth and development, and child development behavior. In addition to continuing to engage in traditional child nutrition, diagnosis and treatment of children with growth and development deviations, a series of diagnosis and treatment of child developmental behavior problems are further carried out. The department is committed to the development of child health disciplines and developmental behavior disciplines, strives to promote child health, and provides comprehensive health services and support for children and parents in the city.

坐诊医生:张微主任医师 Monday afternoon: Growth and development clinic Visiting doctor: Zhang WeiChief physician   The main diagnosis is various growth and development deviations, such as obesity, shortness, weight loss, malnutrition, precocious puberty and so on.

坐诊医生:叶立鹏 主任医师 Tuesday afternoon: Developmental Behavior Specialist Outpatient Doctor: Ye LipengChief Physician   Mainly diagnose developmental behavior problems, such as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, learning difficulties, language development delay, mental retardation, and sleep problems.

坐诊医生:陈婵副主任 医师 主诊早产儿、高危儿随访,针对每个个体给予其独特的育儿及早教指导。 Wednesday afternoon: Outpatient visit doctors of high-risk children : Deputy Chief Physician Chen Kun attends premature and high-risk children for follow-up, giving each individual its unique parenting and early education guidance.

坐诊医生:阮旦青副主任医师 Thursday afternoon: Developmental Behavior Specialist Outpatient Doctor: Ruan DanqingDeputy Chief Physician   Mainly assess infant development and children's intelligence tests, developmental behavior problems, such as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, learning difficulties, sleep problems, enuresis, etc.

Friday afternoon: nutrition clinic Consultant doctor: Deputy Chief Physician Zhao Jinfei   Mainly diagnose all kinds of nutrition problems such as feeding problems, picky eaters, partial eclipse, constipation, etc., various types of nutritional deficiency such as calcium deficiency, zinc deficiency, iron deficiency, various vitamin deficiency, etc., various nutritional diseases such as iron deficiency anemia, rickets Wait.

下午:营养门诊 坐诊医生:金定好 副主任医师 主诊各类 儿童营养以及生长发育偏移的防治等。 Saturday afternoon: Nutrition Clinic Visiting Doctor: Jin Dinghao, Deputy Chief Physician attends various types of child nutrition and prevention of growth and development deviation.

Academic status

20 余年,我科承担全市儿童的保健工作。 The growth and development clinic has been established for more than 20 years, and our department is responsible for the health care of children in the city. 4 名,主治医师 1 名,每年派遣医务人员外出培训及参加各类学术会议,打造高素质的人才团队,以精湛的技术更好地为全市儿童服务。 At present, there are 4 deputy chief physicians and 1 attending physician . Each year, medical personnel are sent out for training and participate in various academic conferences to build a high-quality talent team to better serve children in the city with superb technology.

Technical advantages

research direction

Further carry out research on early childhood development, children's psychological and intellectual development, with special emphasis on promoting research on cognitive development in preterm infants.